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Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Vladimir Dodtievich Bitsoyev

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences Moscow, Kasatkina

Keynote: The Leading Role of the Heart in the Vital Functions of Organs and Systems of a Holistic Organism at the Supramolecular Level

Time : 45 mins

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Vladimir Dodtiyevitch Bitsoyev (year of birth: 1943), Ph.D., Medicine, academician of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Colonel of Medical Service in retirement, doctor of the highest category.   He graduated from the Military Medical Faculty at the Gorky State Medical Institute by specialty "Medical treatment" in 1971. He has 75 scientific publications in national and foreign journals, 1 monograph on "Restorative medicine", methodological recommendations for physicians in restorative medicine, 4 patents (3 Russian patent and 1 German patent. 


The relevant and extremely important problem of the modern advanced global science of all disciplines is the recognition of the existence of a unified "energy" according to the God's will in the whole Universe.

The energy is one and ever alive, but invisible, imperceptible and intangible for people.

A human can see, sense and feel the energy with its infinite set of possibilities for options of scales and rates of change in the form of the "matter" only.

The above causes a topical problem for the advanced global science: the fine differentiation of the differences and mutual influence of the cardiovascular system and the brain in the origin of a "thought" in the biosphere.

This is the newest, modern field of the advanced world science in research at the supramolecular level of the leading role of the cardiovascular system in the holistic organism at the stage of the origin of a "thought" and formation of the program for its implementation in the biosphere in the course of interaction with the most super-perfect "analyst-performer", the brain, with its infinite variety of possibilities for options of scales and implementation rates.

A thought in the brain cannot arise because the information of the inner world of the holistic organism and the information of the surrounding world, thanks to the perspiration system, are transferred to the biosphere instantly causing a "thought" and "program" there for the brain in the implementation of the thought.

This happens simultaneously and therefore a person can not determine the place of the thought origin at super-high speed. The place of the thought origin is of global significance for diagnosing and determining the stages of diseases and correction of treatment. In turn, the brain can not instantaneously and simultaneously transmit information about the arising thought and its implementation to each cell of the holistic organism. The nervous system is not created to perform such a function.

The "mind" or the "skill" is the ability to implement the core of a "thought" by super-perfect ways, methods, and endless sets of options.

This function is performed by the entire nervous system controlled by the central nervous system.

A Nobel Prize winner Henri Bergson wrote in 1927: "The brain is nothing more than a kind of central telephone exchange, its role is to transmit a message or to find it out. It does not add anything to what it receives. By its very structure, the brain proves that its function is a transformation of someone else's irritation into a well-chosen reaction." He believes that the process of thinking takes place beyond the brain.

A Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine of 1963, John Carew Eccles, wrote: "A human brain is just a biological computer and a transceiver of information."A statement of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Natalia Bekhtereva, the world's major specialist in brain physiology should be recalled, who expressed a seditious thought that "the brain does not produce thoughts." She could not determine the thought mechanism of its functioning.A body is a matrix with its entire super-complex structure to provide itself with the implementation of the proposed program for the "mind" – the entire nervous system.The heart, the mind, and the body are an indivisible unity.The tri-unity of the heart, the mind and the body gives rise to the harmony of human existence."The genius of V.I. Vernadsky as the founder of the doctrine of the biosphere – a natural scientific basis of the noosphere concept is that, for the first time, he understood and thoroughly substantiated the unity of man and the biosphere with the whole entirety of scientific knowledge. This greatest discovery of V.I. Vernadsky in terms of its social consequences refers to the summits of global natural science, to the persistent conquests of modern and future human civilization.The essence of the noosphere concept cannot be created and cannot now be comprehended without it."The above has provided us with the right to put forward our scientific concepts:

  1. the mind has always arisen and arises in the biosphere which contributes to the consistent cyclical development of the human civilization;
  2. the existence of direct and reverse interaction of the cardiovascular system of a human with the biosphere (due to imperceptible perspiration) to provide it with the bioenergetic characteristic at the supramolecular level of the holistic organism of the individual and as a result of the thought formation with the program of its implementation, to the brain, being the super-perfect "analyzer-performer".

Therefore, there is a reason to believe that there is a unified energy in the whole Universe according to the God's will.Therefore, there is a high potential in the application of diagnosis and treatment of diseases with the "Energy of Planets", i.e. plant diagnostics and plant therapy.In this regard, we have conducted a number of experimental studies using our non-invasive, safe, ultra-precise method of diagnosis, at the supramolecular level of control of intermediate relations between disease development and treatment.

Keynote Forum

Rumiana Tasheva

Physical Therapy Department, National Sports Academy “Vassil Levsky”- Sofia, Bulgaria

Keynote: Comparison of the results of the Chijin index and the iSTEP tensometric platform

Time : 45 min

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Assoc. Prof. of Physical Therapy at the National Sports Academy (NSA). The Chairperson of the Bulgarian Organization for Sports Physiotherapy, which she founded in 2000. The core group member and a researcher in the European Sports Physiotherapy For All project. Ph.D. thesis with the subject “Physiotherapy after Arthroscopic Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament”.  Educated in 23 courses with national and international lecturers.  Clinical experience in orthopedic, traumatology and neurological diseases since 33 years. During the period 1984-1993 the regional coordinator for treatment and prevention of spinal, chest and foot deformities. Over 40 publications in the field of physiotherapy.


Introduction: There are scarce publications on the study of the feet in health subjects and the lack of such data in children [1, 2, 3, 4, and 5]. Changes in the foot cause dysfunctions in the lower limbs, the pelvis and the spine, which necessitates their timely examination as early as childhood.

The purpose of this study was to an examination of the foot of children in primary school classes by putting into practice a tensometric platform and comparing the results with the data from Chijin's method. Participants: In the period May-October 2017, 104 children from the primary classes in secondary school at the average age of 8, 66 years were examined. Methods: The Chijin's Index was measured in cm and calculated in four degrees: normal foot, tendency to flatfoot, flatfoot, and deep flatfoot. The tensometric ISTEP 5000 (USA) platform was calibrated to the anthropometric data for the current children’s age and showed a 3-D image of the child's feet and provided results for the height of the arch in three levels: low arch; middle arch; high arch. Results: A Gamma coefficient of the ordinal correlation was used to process the data. Results demonstrated statistically significant dependency (а < 0,05, p = 0,000) between two methods with value -,615 on the left foot and value -,775  on the right foot. Conclusions: The results showed a statistically significant correlation between the two methods. On the one hand, this confirmed that the Chinzin index was indicative of the presence of a flat foot, as well as the platform for the establishment of a low arch in children. On the other hand, the two methods have different specificities, as the tensometric platform provides information on the height of the arch with the simultaneous loading of the two lower limbs.

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Keynote Forum

Shahzada Junaid Amin

University of Hail, Saudi Arabia

Keynote: The risk of fall among community dwelling elders in saudi arabia
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